Python Time Module Examples

In Python, there are three modules to process time, they are time, datetime, and calendar. And time is represented in three ways: a timestamp, a formatted time string, and a structured time. This article will focus on the time module, we will introduce other two modules in later articles.

Python Speech Recognition Introduction And Practice

Amazon’s huge success with Alexa has proven: in the near future, implementing a degree of voice support will become a basic requirement of everyday technology. Python programs that integrate speech recognition provide a level of interactivity and accessibility that no other technology can match. Most importantly, implementing speech recognition in Python programs is very simple.

Spring JDBC Development

Spring is a one-stop framework with solutions for each layer of enterprise java application development, such as at the persistence layer, spring provides JDBC templates and ORM modules to integrate other persistence frameworks.

Spring Security Overview

Spring Security is a certification authorization framework that supports authentication modes such as HTTP BASIC authentication (based on IETF rfc-based standard),HTTP Digest authentication (based on IETF rfc-based standard), form-based authentication (for simple user interface),OpenID authentication, and so on. Spring Security enables the current system to quickly integrate these authentication mechanisms or implement its own set …

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Python Read Big File Example

Read file content in python is very simple, you can use the Python file object’s method  read and readlines to easily read them. But there are also some tricks in using them. This article will tell you how to use them correctly.

Generate Graphic Verification Code Using Python Captcha Module

The captcha module is a Python third-party library designed to generate graphic and speech captcha codes. The graphic verification code supports Numbers and English words. 1. Captcha Module Installation. You can use the pip command to install it directly or go to it’s project GitHub page to download it. As the captcha module uses the …

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Python JSON Example

When you define a python dict variable like below, the variable’s value is saved in memory when the program runs: d = dict(name=’Richard’, age=25, score=100) You can change the variable value at any time, such as changing the name to ‘Tom’, but once the program ends, the memory taken by the variable is completely reclaimed …

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