1. The Definition Of Swift Closures. Closures are described in the Swift development documentation as functional independent modules that can be passed and referenced in your code. Closures in Swift […]

String interpolation is a way to construct new strings that contain constants, variables, literals, and expressions. Each entry of the string literal you inserted is wrapped in parentheses prefixed by […]

add button in source code screen

Buttons are the most commonly used and simplest controls in iOS applications and are often used to respond to user actions. Generally we use UIButton class to implement the button. […]

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This article takes an iOS 11 application as an example to show developers how to create projects using Xcode 10. It also shows some functions of the iOS simulator and […]

ios autolayout example

How did you set up UI layout in older iOS application development? Write a lot of coordinate calculation code? To ensure a perfect UI effect on both the 3.5-inch and […]

Objective-C is the primary coding language in iOS development. For every iOS coding beginner, it is important to learn the hello world example first. This article will introduce Objective-C’s basic […]

ios nsurlsession and sub classes

NSURLSession was introduced with the release of iOS7 in 2013, Apple is positioning it as a replacement for NSURLConnection. Now, the most widely used third-party network frameworks, such as AFNetworking, […]