What Was Announced At The 2021 Apple Developers Conference

The annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) took place as scheduled yesterday, but this time it was online. Let’s take a look at what was announced at WWDC.

1. IOS15.

1.1 FaceTime Upgrade.

  1. This update focuses on system apps, such as FaceTime which you rarely use.
  2. The update supports sharing chat room links, allowing Android and Windows partners to join FaceTime via web pages. The whole process is still encrypted end-to-end.
  3. You can share your screen, listen to songs and watch videos together through SharePlay during your video chat.
  4. When multi-person video, it will automatically pull out the main body of the portrait and blur the background. The sound will also come from the speaker’s location on the screen, making it more stereoscopic.

1.2 New Emoticons.

  1. Clothing, hair color, cochlear implant and other accessories.

1.3 Notification Optimization.

  1. The new version aggregates notifications, prioritizes them, and sends them every day at a time you set.
  2. You can also set it to accept notifications from only a few apps in different states.
  3. The status will be synchronized on iPad, MAC, and other terminals.
  4. In addition, the app icon in the notification has been optimized to make it bigger and easier to identify.

1.4 Map.

  1. The new map is more beautiful, with 3D landmark buildings, integrated bus positioning and arrival reminders, AR pedestrian navigation.

1.5 Weather.

  1. The new dynamic animation effect, new graphics, redesigned thousands of changes. Full-screen HD weather has also been added.

1.6 Safari.

  1. You can enter the URL from the Safari web browser bottom and update the tag set.
  2. You can also install plug-ins in the Safari web browser, just like on a computer, which is very useful.

1.7 Live Text.

  1. If there are words in the photos and screenshots, you can extract the words and phone numbers from the photos, select and copy them with your fingers, or even dial the phone number directly.
  2. It can also extract text, translate between different languages, identify flowers and animals in the image, and give search results.

1.8 Wallet.

  1. Added park tickets, keys, car keys, and other functions.

1.9 Siri.

  1. It can respond offline, protect privacy and improve processing speed.

1.10 App Privacy Report.

  1. The privacy protection mechanism of IOS has always been in the leading position in the industry. Previously, the privacy tracking terms have made major apps complain incessantly, and the privacy mechanism has been improved again on IOS 15.
  2. IOS 15 can detect and record how often an APP is being used, and how many times the APP views your albums and listens to your conversations,  this can keep out APP rogue behavior.
  3. The updated e-mail can be hidden and protected, so that the other party can’t track the address, and can’t check whether the e-mail has been read or not.
  4. Apple iOS 15 has not abandoned the iPhone 6S, so the iPhone 6S can still be used for another year.

2. Air Pods.

  1. Enhance dialogue, strengthen the human voice and reduce environmental noise.
  2. Siri Voice support messages automatically broadcast. When notifications arrive on your phone but you don’t have time to read them, the Air Pods will automatically broadcast them to you by voice.
  3. Air pods pro and air pods max add headphone drop reminder and display drop location.
  4. Air pods pro and air pods max support space audio and surround sound.
  5. Air pods can also be linked with iPhone. If you add a shopping list to your iPhone, when iPhone detects that you are in a supermarket or shopping mall, air pods will automatically play the shopping list you set.

3. iPad OS 15.

  1. In addition to all the features of iOS, the iPad OS also has the following optimizations.
  2. Multi-task processing: a new task menu is added at the top of the screen, which can create a full screen, side pull, split-screen view, and central window to process multiple applications at the same time.
  3. Support shortcut keys of an external keyboard. The application resource library is online, and an app shelf is added at the bottom of the screen to facilitate quick page switching.
  4. Large size widgets have been added to display more content.
  5. Swipe from the bottom right corner of the screen to the center to quickly bring up the memo app.

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