How To Install And Use Python Virtualenv Module

For various reasons, we will need to install many versions of Python interpreter under the same operating system. We may also need different versions of same module for various reasons in one Python project. This causes a lot of confusion in Python environment management. Usually, different Python interpreters and dependency libraries are required for each …

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Spring Security Overview

Spring Security is a certification authorization framework that supports authentication modes such as HTTP BASIC authentication (based on IETF rfc-based standard),HTTP Digest authentication (based on IETF rfc-based standard), form-based authentication (for simple user interface),OpenID authentication, and so on. Spring Security enables the current system to quickly integrate these authentication mechanisms or implement its own set …

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Effect Regular Expression Example

Regular expressions can be used to quickly match a very complex text logic using only a very short expression statement. Mastering regular expressions skillfully can greatly improve your development efficiency. This article will show you some regular expressions which are commonly used.