How To Get Current Python Runtime Version Information In Python Code

In this video course, we will provide a detailed analysis of how to efficiently detect and extract version information of the running environment being used from Python programs. Whether you are a beginner in the programming field or a seasoned veteran, understanding the Python version that a project depends on is fundamental and crucial knowledge. The course will demonstrate how to quickly obtain comprehensive environment version information using Python’s built-in toolkits (such as’ subprocess’, ‘sys’, and’ platform ‘) through three practical techniques.

Table of Contents

1. Example Video.

2. Python Source Code.

import subprocess

import sys

import platform

def get_python_version_by_subprocess():
    result ='python -V',capture_output=True, text=True)

    version_str = result.stdout


    tmp_list = version_str.strip().split(' ')

    version_list = tmp_list[1].split('.')


def get_python_version_by_sys():
    version_str = sys.version


    version_info = sys.version_info





def get_python_version_by_platform():
    python_version = platform.python_version()
    print('python_version :', python_version)

    python_version_tuple = platform.python_version_tuple()
    print('python_version_tuple :', python_version_tuple)
    python_branch = platform.python_branch()
    print('python_branch :', python_branch)

    python_implementation = platform.python_implementation()
    print('python_implementation :', python_implementation)
    python_compiler = platform.python_compiler()
    print('python_compiler :', python_compiler)

    python_build = platform.python_build()
    print('python_build :', python_build)

    python_revision = platform.python_revision()
    print('python_revision :', python_revision)    

if __name__ == "__main__":




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