How To Set Matplotlib Plot Axis Range Programmatically

Matplotlib can automatically set x and y values based on the value range of the variable. But you can also customize the range of values on the x and y axes by the method set_xlim(xmin, xmax) and set_ylim(ymin, ymax). When setting a 3D image, the z-axis will be added. You can use set_zlim(zmin, zmzx) to set the z-axis. This article will show you examples of how to set the x and y axes value range.

1. Matplotlib Set The Value Range Of X And Y Axes Example.

  1. This example contains 2 plots.
  2. The left plot uses the Matplotlib automatically generated x and y axes value range.
  3. In the right plot, it customize the  x and y axes value range with the set_xlim(xmin, xmax) and set_ylim(ymin, ymax) methods.
  4. Below is the example source code.
    import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
    import numpy as np
    def set_plot_axis_value_range():
        # prepare the x and y axis's values.
        x_axis_value_array = np.arange(1, 10)
        y_axis_value_array = np.exp(x_axis_value_array)
        # the plot canvas is divided into 1 row and 2 columns.
        # get the left plot object.
        axes1 = plt.subplot2grid((1,2),(0,0),colspan = 1, rowspan = 1)
        # set the left plot title.
        axes1.set_title('automatically set x, y axis value range example')
        # plot the left figure, the curve's color is red.
        axes1.plot(x_axis_value_array, y_axis_value_array, color='r')
        # get the right plot object. 
        axes2 = plt.subplot2grid((1,2),(0,1), rowspan = 1, colspan = 1)  
        # set the right plot title.
        axes2.set_title(' customize x, y axis value range example')
        # plot the right figure, the curve's color is green. 
        axes2.plot(x_axis_value_array, y_axis_value_array, color='g')
        # set the right figure's x and y axis's display value range.
        axes2.set_xlim(xmin = 2, xmax = 8)
        axes2.set_ylim(ymin = 80, ymax = 6000)
        # display the plot.
    if __name__ == '__main__':
  5. Below is the above example created figure.

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