How To Set Bios For Win10 Computer To Reinstall Win7 System

Almost all the pre-installed systems of the computers we buy now are Windows 10 systems, but for some special people, they only want to use the win7 system. So if you choose to reinstall the win7 system, what settings should be made?

1. Operation Steps.

  1. The computer needs to be restarted once before installing the win7 system because win10 has a quick start, and the restart is to prevent the inability to enter the Bois.
  2. We need to find the key to enter the bois corresponding to our computer. Generally speaking, the key for most of the brand computers are F12 or F2, and some special one use the Delete key.
  3. When the screen is on after the computer restarts, press the key to enter bois continuously, for example, if you should press the F2 key, then press the F2 key continuously and quickly, and the computer will enter the bois mode.
  4. After entering bois, press the up, down, left, and right key on the keyboard to move the bois option, we first find the boot option.
  5. We find the “boot mode” in the “boot configuration“, the general win10 bois boot mode is “UEFI” mode.
  6. We need to change the UEFI mode to the LEGACY mode, we move the cursor to UEFI and press the Enter key to select the LEGACY mode.
  7. After selecting the LEGACY mode, we press the Esc key, we will be prompted whether to save the settings, we can select yes, the system will automatically restart, then our win7 bois settings are completed.
  8. The above is how to set bios when reinstalling win7 on win10 computer, hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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