How To Get Command Line Arguments In Python

Through the argv attribute of Python sys module, you can get the command line parameters of running Python program. The attribute value is a list, and the relationship between list elements and running parameters is as follows.

$python python-program-file param1 param2 ......

python-program-file: for example, it is the first element in list argv (argv[0]).

param1: the second element in list argv (argv[1]).

param2: the third element in list argv (argv[2]).



Therefore, if you need to get the parameters passed in when running a Python program, you can use argv [1], argv [2] to get it. Save below source code in a Python file

from sys import argv

# Get argv length.
args_len = len(argv)

# Print argv length.

# Traverse each element of the argv list and print out it's value.
for arg in argv:

Now run the above python file with the command python p1 p2 in a terminal, you will get beow output.

$ python p1 p2

If a parameter itself contains a space, it should be enclosed in double quotation marks (“), otherwise, Python will treat the space as a parameter separator instead of the parameter itself.

# Use double quotation to wrap input parameters which has whitespace in it. 
$ python "hello world"
hello world

$ python hello world

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