The most important concepts of object orientation are Class and Instance. Class is template, and instances are specific objects created according to classe.¬†Each object has the same method, but their […]

When you define a python dict variable like below, the variable’s value is saved in memory when the program runs: d = dict(name=’Richard’, age=25, score=100) You can change the variable […]

add button in source code screen

Buttons are the most commonly used and simplest controls in iOS applications and are often used to respond to user actions. Generally we use UIButton class to implement the button. […]

1. Python Module. Python has many useful built in modules, which can be used as soon as the installation is complete. We use the build-in sys module as an example […]

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This article takes an iOS 11 application as an example to show developers how to create projects using Xcode 10. It also shows some functions of the iOS simulator and […]