iOS Objective-C Hello World Example

Objective-C is the primary coding language in iOS development. For every iOS coding beginner, it is important to learn the hello world example first. This article will introduce Objective-C’s basic programming grammar,  code structure and commonly used classes with examples.

iOS NSURLSession Tutorial

NSURLSession was introduced with the release of iOS7 in 2013, Apple is positioning it as a replacement for NSURLConnection. Now, the most widely used third-party network frameworks, such as AFNetworking, SDWebImage are all using NSURLSession.

iOS Event Delivery Introduces And Example

When the iOS application starts, the UIApplicationMain function will create a single instance of a UIApplication. This single instance maintains a FIFO queue for event distribution. When the system detects a touch event, it will send the event to the current singleton application to distribute. The distribution is divided into three processes.