Python Immutable Objects

For mutable objects, such as a list, to operate on a list, the contents within the list will change, for example. >>> l = [‘f’, ‘e’, ‘d’] >>> l.sort() >>> ; [‘d’, ‘e’, ‘f’] What about immutable objects, like string. >>> str = ‘hello’ >>> str.replace(‘h’, ‘F’) ‘Fello’ >>> str ‘hello’ Even though the string …

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How To Install Python3 On Windows And MacOS

To begin learning Python programming, you must first install Python into your computer. After you install it, you’ll get the Python interpreter (which runs the Python program). The installation includes a command-line interaction environment, and a simple integrated development environment. Because Python is cross-platform, it can run on Windows, Mac, and various Linux/Unix systems. So …

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iOS Objective-C Hello World Example

Objective-C is the primary coding language in iOS development. For every iOS coding beginner, it is important to learn the hello world example first. This article will introduce Objective-C’s basic programming grammar,  code structure and commonly used classes with examples.

iOS NSURLSession Tutorial

NSURLSession was introduced with the release of iOS7 in 2013, Apple is positioning it as a replacement for NSURLConnection. Now, the most widely used third-party network frameworks, such as AFNetworking, SDWebImage, etc. are all use NSURLSession.

iOS Event Delivery Introduces And Example

When iOS application starts, the UIApplicationMain function will create a single instance of a UIApplication. This single instance maintains a FIFO queue for event distribution. When the system detects a touch event, it will send the event to the current singleton application to distribute. The distribution is divided into three processes.