Richard Trump

In Python, there are three modules to process time, they are time, datetime, and calendar. And time is represented in three ways: a timestamp, a formatted time string, and a […]

spring jdbc template jar files

Spring is a one-stop framework with solutions for each layer of enterprise java application development, such as at the persistence layer, spring provides JDBC templates and ORM modules to integrate […]

Spring Security is a certification authorization framework that supports authentication modes such as HTTP BASIC authentication (based on IETF rfc-based standard),HTTP Digest authentication (based on IETF rfc-based standard), form-based authentication […]

Read file in python is very simple, you can use read and readlines function to easily read them. But there are also some tricks in using them. This article will […]

The most important concepts of object orientation are Class and Instance. Class is template, and instances are specific objects created according to classe.¬†Each object has the same method, but their […]

When you define a python dict variable like below, the variable’s value is saved in memory when the program runs: d = dict(name=’Richard’, age=25, score=100) You can change the variable […]