Richard Trump

Usually in Python, we use multi-threading or multi-processing to implement concurrent programming. Computing-intensive tasks for cpu are usually implemented by multi-processor because of GIL, while io-intensive tasks can be scheduled […]

1. The Definition Of Swift Closures. Closures are described in the Swift development documentation as functional independent modules that can be passed and referenced in your code. Closures in Swift […]

String interpolation is a way to construct new strings that contain constants, variables, literals, and expressions. Each entry of the string literal you inserted is wrapped in parentheses prefixed by […]

1. Use “+” Operator To Merge List Directly. >>> list_1 = [‘java’,’python’,’mysql’] >>> >>> list_2 = [100, 99, 101] >>> >>> print(list_1 + list_2) [‘java’, ‘python’, ‘mysql’, 100, 99, 101] […]