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Generate Graphic Verification Code Using Python Captcha Module

The captcha module is a Python third-party library designed to generate graphic and speech captcha codes. The graphic verification code supports Numbers and English words. 1. Captcha Module Installation. You can use the pip command to install it directly or go to it’s project GitHub page to download it. As the captcha module uses the …

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Python JSON Example

When you define a python dict variable like below, the variable’s value is saved in memory when the program runs: d = dict(name=’Richard’, age=25, score=100) You can change the variable value at any time, such as changing the name to ‘Tom’, but once the program ends, the memory taken by the variable is completely reclaimed …

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iOS UIButton Introduction

Buttons are the most commonly used and simplest controls in iOS applications and are often used to respond to user actions. Generally, we use UIButton class to implement the button in iOS. This section will focus on adding buttons, beautifying buttons, and how to implement button responses.

iOS 11 Hello World Example

This article takes an iOS 11 application as an example to show developers how to create projects using Xcode 10. It also shows some functions of the iOS simulator and interface builder.